Caption Contest

by Venomous Kate

Obama conferring with oil executives
Photo credit: AFP

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. So make with the captions, folks!

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Winners announced Tuesday!

16 Comments to “Caption Contest”

  1. Where is my teleprompter!!

  2. One Finger = Fast Ball

  3. Charlie Crist is not important enough for the middle finger scratch.

  4. My administration will have something on this shortly…I’ll be out of office shortly.

  5. Is he still there? Oh, that isn’t Biden? Whew!

  6. ummm ummm I ummm ,what are we doing here?

  7. Obama forgets which finger he traditionally uses to tell everyone to fuck off.

  8. “Oh man. Moments like this are why they kicked me out of the drama club in high school. I always forget the most important lines.”

  9. Is this something I can blame on Bush too?

  10. I have this rolled up shirtsleeve thing down cold.

  11. I sure hope this is the right sign for the SS to take that guy down, otherwise I’m going end up looking really stupid here.

  12. Let’s see……

    One if by land
    Two if by sea
    Been engaged since day one
    We must lynch BP.

  13. Traumatized by getting on the wrong school bus as a youth, Obama uses several mnemonic tools to remember to get on Air Force One after his comments.

  14. Clinton and Sestak..yeah…right…I thought we weren’t supposed to have to talk about that? Rham? Rham? Someone wanna get Rham for me?

  15. Now which Tuesday was that?

  16. The one after I get over pneumonia. Sheesh, don’t you people even READ this blog anymore? 😉