Caption Contest

by Venomous Kate

(Note, Facebookers: only answers at my blog count!)

We haven’t done a Caption Contest around these parts in quite some time, mostly because I’ve been distracted by life offline. But since I have absolutely nothing of interest to write about, I might as well let you do all the work.

So, leave a caption telling what these ladies are saying to each other. Winner gets fame, glory and a hyperlink to his/her blog (because I’m too cheap broke to buy you goodies).


Photo Credit - The Guardian

9 Comments to “Caption Contest”

  1. sheeeit girl you got to git more bling bling,you know what Im saying bitch

  2. Cost? Don’t be silly; that’s what the taxpayers are for.

  3. look girl- you got married and you’re instantly a princess. i had to put up with this buffoon for years before i got to be first lady

  4. Put that cell phone down when I’m talking or I’ll bitchslap you back to a commoner.

  5. Michelle: Beige?! You freaking wear beige in my presence?
    Kate: Welllll, like, the Queen said not to upstage you or you’d cut me soooooo…

  6. Gag me with a spoon, Fairy Godmother

  7. She’s Osoma who’s wife?