Tippling Tuesday: It’s Baaaack

by Venomous Kate

For reasons I don’t care to share with you (because I’m Venomous that way) the formerly semi-regular “Tippling Tuesday” thing around here has been on an unannounced hiatus. Until now. Now — again for reasons I don’t care to share with you but upon which you’re welcome to speculate — I’m re-instituting the practice.

Oh, okay, fine. I’ll confess why it’s back: VH bought a damn fine bottle of wine and I made a damn fine appetizer to go along with it. Which — in case you happen to work in law enforcement — is not to say that I’ve actually consumed booze, m’kay. Just sayin’.


In the past whenever I’ve sent VH to the store to buy liquor he’s made his selections based on two and only two things. The brand I asked for? Oh, hell no. I’m high maintenance, baby. His buying criteria come down to whether a bottle of hooch looks more expensive than it costs. Also, whether it costs less than $20. As you can imagine those criteria mean that I’ve swilled some pretty awful stuff in my time.

See, the thing is that one can manufacture rot gut in one’s bathtub — assuming one lives in a county that allows such things — and as long as one slaps gorgeous double-sided, high-quality artwork labels on it, one can charge far more for alcohol-laden bathwater than for the good stuff.

Which is, incidentally, why I’m thinking of putting my garden tub to use as a still. Because, in all honesty, the majority of uneducated booze buyers make their selection based on the attractiveness of the label, never having tasted a drop of what the bottle contains.

As you might guess, this means that I have a rather nice selection of artistic labels carefully peeled off of cheap booze that mostly went down the drain. And that, in turn, means that I now have a nice stack of carefully preserved, beautifully rendered labels that I need to put to good use.

I’m thinking decoupage. But is that passe?

What do y’all use those too-good-not-to-save labels for?

10 Comments to “Tippling Tuesday: It’s Baaaack”

  1. Decoupage passe? Never in a million years.

    Get a nice (and cheap) tray with sides and decoupage the dickens out of it. Use it to serve cheap wine to unwelcome guests.

    And,… um, I’ll be right over.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Slowing Down to Ogle the Smoldering Remains of a Car Wreck

  2. But Donna, you’re ALWAYS welcome!

    Venomous Kates last blog post..Tippling Tuesday: It’s Baaaack

  3. I still say you & VH need to come out to Oregon and take a winery tour. 🙂 As I recall, you’re fond of pinot noir?

    wgs last blog post..Overheard

  4. I knew someone who used to carefully remove nice labels and paste them into a scrapbook, partly for the graphic design aspect but also to remind himself which wines he liked.

    I confess I sometimes bought wines based on label appeal, but generally avoided anything under $12 (CAN) — and for $12 one could often find treasures, new or little-known products from Spain, etc. Inevitably, the prices would go up as word got around about the surprising quality of those cheaper wines.

    Lattegirls last blog post..East Dorset, here I come

  5. A couple of things come to mind. First… glad to see you blogging again! Now on to other things.

    I actually have a degree in booze from UC Davis. It’s actually classified as an ag degree, but it’s viticulture, which means making booze. We all ran stills back in the day. Ain’t so tough and as long as it’s for personal consumption, not so illegal anymore.

    Labels certainly help sell, some of the yummiest hooch I ever tippled was Suisse Le Bleu Absinthe. The Swiss version of moonshine. Clear litre bottles. Put a label on it if you feel the need. I’m down to just two bottles.

    Jeffs last blog post..In The Age of The Storm

  6. I haven’t tried the pinot noir yet, but I seem to recall that you promised to let me try it if we ever make it out to Oregon.

  7. That’s actually a great idea, saving labels like that!

  8. Is it true absinthe? I’ve always wanted to try that but think I’ll wait until the next time I’m in Amsterdam… which at this rate will probably be in my mid-70s.

  9. Yep. Real deal. I trust the maker and the “importer” implicitly. That, and I’ve seen the thujone content of the stuff on GC. Very good Absinthe can be had from Spain under the brand name “Deva”. Let’s just say it is a very efficient adult beverage and does have the ability to settle a stomach pretty fast.

    Jeffs last blog post..Scum Sucking Scammer or Just Dumb?

  10. It is one of my great disappointments that I never got to try absinthe during my drinking career. I am told it is outlawed most places now, anyway.

    Lattegirls last blog post..Bits & pieces