Tippling Tuesday: The Drink Your Worries Away Edition

by Venomous Kate

Your Venomous Hostess has had a rough day. A rough, unprofitable day — a combination which is guaranteed to put me in the mood for a martini.

Did you know that during a bad economy, people will cut back on just about everything but lottery tickets and booze? In the Venomous Household, we call VH’s weekly lottery purchases his “dumb tax” since his piddly $5 winnings here and there don’t even compare to the 3.2% he’d (read: we‘d) have made had he invested the funds in our money market account instead of spending them.

Apparently, that irrational thinking behind lottery ticket purchases is shared by people who consider their incomes insufficient, whereas those who perceive themselves to be financially comfortable spend their money on other things.

Like booze. Evidently, when the economy gets tough, the tough go drinking.

If high-end European vodka is too expensive, you might try the stuff distilled in Wisconsin. If that’s too much, how about a beer? Don’t have enough for an import, try a domestic. If the bar tab is too much to handle, stop off at the store and bring a six-pack home.

Now, while Yours Venomously may have had a rough and unprofitable day, she still has standards. Ergo, she’s not yet willing to trade in her exquisite and repeatedly distilled high-end grape-based vodka for the swill they make locally, which makes The Venomous One’s martinis taste like petrol. So perhaps there’s something to be said in favor of the French since their vodka which tops that of the Russians as well as that distilled by the guy up the road here in Kansas.

Ergo, I have dispatched the Venomous Hubby to go forth and make martini goodness happen. Unfortunately, he just informed me that we’re out of vodka, a situation which only compounds my distress over such a rough, unprofitable day. He has, however, offered to run out and replenish my supply, an offer to which I gladly agreed even though I’m certain his real motive is purchasing yet another lottery ticket for tomorrow night’s Power Ball drawing. I’m fine with that, though. Really, I am, especially since I couldn’t make a decent martini if my life depended on it. And, as I believe I’ve made clear, I ain’t going without my martini tonight, dammit.

So this week’s Tippling Tuesday question is this: what discretionary spending item can you not live without?

10 Responses to “Tippling Tuesday: The Drink Your Worries Away Edition”

  1. Despite being a subscriber to cable Internet, I retain a dialup account for backup and for on-the-road usage should the hotel’s connections be flaky. There are probably more useful ways to spend $250 a year, but I’m not giving it up, even if I don’t use it more than once a year.

    CGHills last blog post..I blame witchcraft

  2. For your martini, I recommend Skyy or Seagrams Platinum 100 from the class VI store. Heck, at least you have a class VI store, quit whining.

    But to answer your question…I think the discretionary purchase that I would least like to do without would be condoms.

  3. Discretionary purchase I can’t do without is simple: my MMORPG game. It’s kind of my only vice.

    wgs last blog post..Contrast & compare

  4. I have given up all discretionary spending. I make my husband go do it all for me.

    Donna B.s last blog post..The Beer Factor

  5. I buy 5 bucks on the mega every friday,hey somebodys gotta win

  6. I refuse to go without my aromatherapy items: incense, scented candles (although I’ve started purchasing Wal-Mart brand) and scented oils. They just work too many wonders at cutting back the testosterone overload in the household and keep the all male members (all but me of course) from constantly being in caveman mode. So, while everything else is being cut back, they’ll have to pry my aromatherapy stuff out of my cold dead hands before I give it up.

    Chelles last blog post..vLog 6.0

  7. I’m so glad I wound up spending the evening offline, Rammer, because I’d have fried my laptop (and wasted my martini) after reading that one!

  8. Goat cheese. I’m pretty sure I could make do with just that. Giving up Scotch would be tough, but goat cheese would be a disaster. Yep, goat cheese.

    Jeffs last blog post..Bet It All

  9. Glad to hear it. Spitting good booze on a computer definitely qualifies as alcohol abuse.

    btw, Making my martini tonight used up the last of my gin. What does a fifth of bombay go for at the class VI store?

  10. I’m not sure. I don’t drink gin – can’t even stand the smell of it. Had too much once and that’s all it took to get me off it forever.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..This Is Not Exercise, It’s Training

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