Two Ways I’m Now Killing Time

by Venomous Kate

I wish I could remember who first told me about Scrabulous, because I’d like to go find him/her and slap them silly for getting me hooked on yet another game.

Not that I’m any good at it: I’ve been playing the robot mostly and that sucker cheats. Which is why I decided to invite Kim to play an email game of Scrabulous, because at least that way I’ll know who I’m swearing at.

Meanwhile, as I was browsing Google’s images I saw a link informing me of a new feature, and I wish I hadn’t clicked it. I’ve been hooked on playing the Google image labeler game ever since. Not that it’s really a game so much as Google pressing people into free labor by pairing them up randomly and showing them a series of images they need to create tags for within 2 minutes, with points awarded every time the players come up with a matching pair of tags.

No, it won’t get you a fat check from Google, or even restore your PageRank. It’s still fun… plus it helps improve Google image searches, which means you might just be doing yourself a huge favor while playing.

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  1. Quoth the spambot…nevermore.

    wg’s last blog post..Why didn’t Darwin talk about this?