What Was He Thinking? (Caption Contest)

by Venomous Kate
Obama face palm

Caption This

This time, my lovely Venomites, there’s a $10 Amazon.com gift card at stake. So be witty. Be very, very witty.

(And be sure to leave an accurate email address with your caption, or you’ll never know if you’ve won!)

10 Comments to “What Was He Thinking? (Caption Contest)”

  1. I forgot to tell my wife to get me a spliff ready for today. How in the hell am I going to maintain my regular upbeat & cool manner if I’m not stoned? [sorry couldn’t help it he looks stoned all of the time & he’s always got a cigar]

  2. “Feeling the mid-term sleepiness setting in? Need a boost? Then pick up a can of 5-Hour Energy!”

  3. Wait. He’s been thinking??!!??

  4. “I should’ve had another cigarette.”

  5. To combat this insomnia, I must let Biden speak.

  6. “I knew I shouldn’t have partied with the Pope last night…”

  7. ” if I keep my eyes closed long enough, they all might go away”

  8. I could use some sleep. What’s a Holiday Inn Express? Do they leave the light on?

  9. Damn, this communo-socialism shit be hard!

  10. I’ve spent all this time pushing electric cars……..I coulda had a V8!