Word Fugue: The “Do Not Call” Edition

by Venomous Kate

Lately, I’ve been getting calls at all hours of the day (and most of the evening) from a number I don’t recognize. I don’t answer those calls. The way I see it, if some stranger wants to talk to me they can leave me a message. I’ll call when/if I’m good and ready.

Now, given this caller’s persistence, chances are it’s someone who thinks I owe them some money. But since I’m unaware of any overdue bills (and, yes, I do read my mail) I’m not interested in interrupting whatever I’m doing to take their call. In fact, the calls are so frequent that I finally wised up and saved the number to my cell phone’s contact list under “Idiot”, then assigned it a special ring tone: 10 seconds of pure silence that loops. If Idiot can’t leave a message, why should I bother listening to the phone ring, eh?


It’s irritating, picking up my phone and seeing that Idiot has called two dozen times in one day. I’ve reached the point where I actually look at the phone to make sure s/he’s not calling before I flip the thing open to place a call myself. Yeah, the calls are that frequent. So, in case you’re the Idiot calling me, here’s a hint: leave a message. Sure, I’ll most likely ignore it but I guarantee if you don’t leave a voice mail you’ll never talk to me. Take your chances, m’kay?

For the rest of you, it’s time to play Word Fugue, that addictive little game I thought up one night when I was too bombed brain dead to write anything coherent. If you’ve never played before, here are the rules:

1. I start it off with a word.

2. You look at the most recently posted comment.

3. You leave ONE word that comes to mind upon reading the most recent comment.

4. You may play as many times as you like, but you may not use the same word twice.

5. Don’t leave links. They’ll only send you into comment moderation.

6. Word Fugues that wind up in comment moderation will get deleted.

7. The game continues until this entry falls off the front page, at which point comments are closed.


Here’s the word:


Your turn!

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