Word Fugue: The Wii-Wii-Wii Edition

by Venomous Kate

So. After 3 years of begging VH1 to agree to buying a Wii, I finally defied him and bought a Wii console from eBay.

And I lurves it. Oh, you told me that I would but, then again, you tell me that my ass doesn’t look fat in these pants. So why should I have believed?

Except that I do now. Ooooh, my Venomites, I do believe.

So, because I’m too lazy to spend time writing something meaty here (though I have plenty of lovely things lying in wait for you this coming week), perhaps we should play Word Fugue™?

If you’ve never played it before, here are the rules:

1. I start it off with a word.

2. You look at the most recently posted comment.

3. You leave ONE word that comes to mind upon reading the most recent comment.

4. You may play as many times as you like, but you may not use the same word twice.

5. Don’t leave links. They’ll only send you into comment moderation.

6. Word Fugues that wind up in comment moderation will get deleted.

7. The game continues until you bore me, at which point comments are closed.


Here’s the word:


Your turn.

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