You Want A Winner? You Got One!

by Venomous Kate

See, I thought for once that stating the obvious about a Caption Contest deadline — that I’d post the winner whenever, rather than a date I didn’t keep — might get you people off of my back. But nooooOOO.

So, you want a winner? Fine, you’ve got a winner. And a second place. And an honorable mention.

Al Gore is full of hot air

First Place: Bill with, “December 15, 2020: Now wait a minute, I didn’t say global global warming.”

Second Place: Timmer with, “Seriously? You ALL came on private jets and you ALL rented limos? Nobody thought to car pool?”

Honorable Mention: Ike with, “Back when I was pretending to grow up in Tennessee while going to DC prep schools, my nanna gave me this bit of wisdom: Never let leaked messages from a whistle-blower get in the way of a potentially-lucrative narrative.”

Happy now?

2 Comments to “You Want A Winner? You Got One!”

  1. Oh my. You pulled the plug within minutes of another one I thought of.

    “Nobody’s leaving this room until we find out who stole my hockey shtick”

    But many thanks – taking a bow…

  2. I know, I know – enough already. But these things keep spewing out of my head now that the contest IS OVER.

    “Everyone please keep their seats. We have plenty of time. The glacier is still several feet away from the building.”