Got 5 Minutes? Upgrade!

by Venomous Kate

I think we all know by now that I don’t like change. I’m the type who has to contemplate changing things like her hairstyle for, oh, a decade or so. Then, just as I decide it’s safe and take the plunge things once again change.

Not that I care, mind you. It’s been my experience that if I just wait long enough, my “outdated” style will suddenly become cutting-edge, which means people find themselves mistaking me for a trend-setter when, in fact, I just hate change.

That’s precisely why I wasn’t going to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. I’d just upgraded to 2.3.3, after all, and I’d have been perfectly happy using it until, oh, WP 2.6 came out. (Besides, I can’t stand the Web 2.0-ish look of the new dashboard, even after switching to the ‘Classic’ color scheme.)

Unfortunately — or so I’d thought, at any rate — Technorati forced my hand when Ian said Technorati’s not indexing blogs running WordPress 2.3.3. Apparently there’s a security flaw being exploited by spammers to insert links into templates and bloggers don’t even know that it’s been happening to their blogs.

So today I did it. I took the plunge, sucked up my dislike of change and upgraded my blogs. All five of ’em, as a matter of fact. It took less than 3 minutes per blog thanks to the slick 3-step upgrade instructions.

I didn’t have any issues with plug-ins, either and — to make things even better — I am loving the automatic plug-in upgrade ability in WP2.5. (Thought it’ll take a nice bite out of my blog consulting income now that clients don’t have to pay me to upgrade their plug-ins anymore.)

If you’ve got 5 minutes, spend it wisely: upgrade to WP 2.5. It’s one change that’s actually worth doing sooner, rather than later.

10 Comments to “Got 5 Minutes? Upgrade!”

  1. I upgraded four blogs to 2.5 using Fantastico -because I’m lazy like that- but it’s giving me this error at my pamibe host:

    “Fantastico is unable to connect to your MySQL server at this time. Please contact your host for assistance.”

    So I emailed my host.

    I liked the color scheme at first, but now it’s getting on my nerves. Little too “Hi, look at me!” 😉

    pam’s last blog post..How did I miss this?

  2. Bless you, Kate … just the encouragement I needed to stop procrastinating. Fortunately I never even upgraded to 2.3.x so I assume I don’t have that technorati problem … but it’s time, nevertheless. As soon as I finish my current freelance work. And my taxes. And then I have a rehearsal the next nightk, and … 🙂

    Anwyn’s last blog post..One More Thing, Barack

  3. Sounds good, but do I have to get to some version of 2.x to migrate up?

  4. I have a couple of WP blogs that I’d left sitting at the 2.2.x level, mostly because every previous update broke my template customization.

    But 2.5 didn’t. Perhaps they’ve learned something after all these years.

    CGHill’s last blog post..Gently used, only 2000 miles

  5. Until someone comes out with an admin theme that emulates 2.3’s admin interface, I’m not upgrading. I’ve upgraded one blog and I DESPISE the whole look and feel of 2.5. I’m also not liking how the photo uploading was changed…among other things.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Desperate For A Good Night’s Sleep.

  6. Fantastico stinks. Chances are you copied over your wp-config.php file or have incorrect info in it.

  7. The downside of upgrading is that I no longer know my way around the WP Dashboard by heart, so blogging before coffee OR after martini is out of the question for a while.

  8. Uh, I really don’t know, Rammer.

  9. I was shocked it didn’t break mine, either. As VH said, that’s the first time I’ve done an upgrade without teaching him a new swear word.

  10. Yep, I am absolutely, 100% hating the admin interface. I installed the Dashboard Editor, removed half the crap on the Dashboard’s main page, then installed the WP Tiger Admin plug-in. I like it so much better than the current WP Dashboard.