Now, Here’s A First

by Venomous Kate

Email from Venomite Cammi today says that the front pages on all three of my blogs are too short.

“You’ve been adding four entries and sometimes more to each blog every day. I keep missing things ‘cuz they’re not there on the front page. I can’t use a reader at work. That’s where I usually read blogs. Can you make more stories show up on each site?

Used to be WordPress gave an option to select a certain number of days to display. I loved that, because I always chose to display an entire week. Now, though, it requires bloggers to pick a certain number of entries to display on the front page. I’ve got EV set to display 30 entries, while I Think Therefore I Blog and Chubby Mommy both display 15.

But, as Cammi notes, I’ve been updating a lot each day (an average of 6 times daily here on EV and 3 on the other blogs). Frankly, there are times I actually resist posting something new to focus attention on things that are already there.

So, what say you, fellow Venomites? More posting and longer pages? Stay “as is”? Or would you prefer a shorter front page?

12 Comments to “Now, Here’s A First”

  1. I don’t think it matters as long as the content is good.

    And I agree, I miss the plugin that allowed you to show a weeks worth of posts…

  2. I like more posts on the front page. Then again, you get more page views with fewer posts on the front page. 🙂 Mine is set for 31 posts on the front page, but that’s because I previously had it set to show 31 days, and it just used that.

  3. I don’t have a problem with it as is, but I miss posts by days too.

  4. I hardly look at main pages but that is because I am “anal” about reading things in the order they were posted and the reverse order of the main page irks me.

    I do hate it when a blog has no “next” and “previous” links. (Hint. Hint.)

  5. I’m of the theory, MORE IS BETTER.

    I guess that would explain why I’m fat, too! 😉

    By the by, m’dear…you rock. 🙂

  6. Dear people, Cammi said in the quote that she can’t use a reader at work, and VK’s not talking about switching back to displaying days, the format that might empty the front page–only asking whether she should display more *posts*.

    Go for it, VK. It won’t hurt anybody who just keeps scrolling until they hit something they’ve already read, like me.

  7. As-is is probably a bit more advantageous. If it’s set to X days, and you have to/want to take a hiatus, your front page empties out quickly, and you’re left contentless and losing readers. At least when you go X posts, there’s SOMETHING to look at, even if it’s old. And you can still attract new readers.

  8. Oh, and I suggest Cammi look a reader. (I use Google.) I can go through 100+ posts in half an hour and it knows what I haven’t read.

  9. More posts displayed on the front page 🙂 You want *all* visitors – not just those using readers – to be able to see as much as possible. Just my .02 🙂 ~ Janet

  10. “Can’t use a reader in work” implies a thick-client aggregator.

    Wouldn’t bloglines work? It’s certainly what I use in work 😉

  11. I prefer to see more posts than less. The additional text doesnt take up much bandwidth if you enable precompression, and the reason to visit is to read pretty much everything you wrote since the last visit. So, be like SarahK and Frank, leave it all hanging out there.

  12. I would definitely recommend that the reader in question get an RSS reader (I like my Google thingie). That said, and being male… more is better ;).