Highlights From My Blogs

by Venomous Kate

Sure, you may realize that I write four blogs, including this one. But have you been reading them? No worries — I’m starting a regular weekly feature on each blog highlighting the week’s best entries from my ever-growing blog empire.

From I Think Therefore I Blog:

• How to freeze summer fruits and vegetables – Grocery stores and farmer’s markets are practically giving away summer’s harvest. Take advantage of the low prices and stock your freezer with savings in the process.

Five fast ways to cut your grocery bill – Simple little steps to help you save big each month.

Next weekend it’s cheap to go camping – Plan a trip with the kids to take advantage of free admission to any national park.

Today’s Deal: Save $99 on a market umbrella! – This end-of-summer clearance is a great buy. I know because I have one!

From Blogging for the Money:

• Search engines serving a charitable purpose – Turn your online time into a good deed.

• Cut and Paste Cleanly – Strip formatting from MS Word or other apps so you can paste straight into blog entries.

From Chubby Mommy:

My a-ha moment about exercise – It doesn’t have to be grueling to do some good.

When did I become a matron? – Here’s a wedding I won’t be participating in, whenever it happens.

From Electric Venom:

Informal straw poll – What the press says about Obama’s appeal doesn’t seem to jive with what blog commenters think.

Tippling Tuesday: The Drink Your Worries Away Edition – What discretionary spending item could you not live without?

Word Fugue: The “Do Not Call” Edition – Got a minute? Play my addictive word-association game.

News Flash: Republicans Aren’t Against Social Assistance – Guess who first introduced VA benefits, a pension for retirees, and Civil Rights laws? You might be surprised at the answer.

11 Comments to “Highlights From My Blogs”

  1. Emperess Kate. Hmmm, sounds familiar somehow. Has kind of a ring to it, though. If you’re Empress, you can pretty much do what you please as long as it doesn’t frighten the horses.

  2. I love this as I have never got around to your other blogs

  3. I almost broke a nail in my haste to click on ‘five fast ways to cut your grocery bill’ 🙂 My kids really need to stop eating so much.

  4. *snort*

  5. I’m glad you like it. I’ll be running a similar listing every week.

  6. I know the feeling. The Big-Eyed Boy goes through a shocking amount of food. As our grocery bill kept climbing, I finally made a deal with him: I’ll buy two of his favorite snack foods each week. If he wants more than that, he can use his allowance.

  7. I am quite literally afraid of my son’s appetite when he gets to his early teen years. I ate as much as my sister and both parents combined.

    wgs last blog post..Low posting anticipated

  8. It’s no coincidence that, right around the time my son learned to get his own food, I started exploring how to make money with my blog(s).

  9. Four. I can hardly can get one post a week up on the one I have.

    However, I did manage to complete a major overhaul on the layout, and even wrote a few new posts over the weekend to go with it. I felt that if I put enough time into rebuilding the site then maybe I would find the motivation to come up with some content to fill it with.

    I must say I do miss The Queen of Snark. I read the archives occasionally while on break at work, and even after break sometimes, but it isn’t wholly the same.

  10. QOS will be back, and with just as much snark. But the target won’t be limited to celebrities, and it’ll all feel far more personal. 😀

  11. Ahhh… I can hardly wait. >:)