CGSC Crib Notes

by Venomous Kate

Evidently, this year’s class at the Command General Staff College (CGSC) on Ft. Leavenworth (where my husband teaches) is expected to make “intelligent” comments on blogs. As a result, I’ve been hit by a slew of email requests for pointers on where to comment. God forbid you guys actually do your own thinking, eh?

Anyway. I can’t speak for other bloggers, but here are some entries of mine that are relevant to your courses. These are all from my “War College Primer” series, authored before I realized that no one really expects me to think deeply anymore:

Of course, my War Bites category probably counts, too, but you probably want to steer clear of my Rumsfeld bites category unless, like me, you think the man’s an asstard.

If you think you are actually capable of making an intelligent comment, email me (see the Contact link above) and I’ll re-open the comments long enough for you to type something of interest.

2 Comments to “CGSC Crib Notes”

  1. Impressive! You never cease to amaze me! And it’s not because I have low expectations!

  2. Thank you. I think?