The Truth About Obama’s Afghanistan Visit

by Venomous Kate

This email, written from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan during Obama’s recent visit, paints an entirely different picture of the visit than what we’re seeing in the mainstream media. It is shocking and disgusting how Sen. Obama treated the men and women serving in Afghanistan, a place where even he acknowledges we’re needed.

(Deleted per Snopes investigation.)

14 Responses to “The Truth About Obama’s Afghanistan Visit”

  1. I can’t even *look* at that man anymore! Grrr….

    pams last blog post..Into the Light

  2. That type of behavior isn’t surprising. And it’s not an Obama thing. We live in the era of the expedient photo op. To think that presidential hopeful might actually be a leader or care about something more than his/her own interests is a bit of stretch these days.

    Jeffs last blog post..Corporate Communication

  3. Kate, I’ll share a swill of vodka with you when we see the results of all the media attention, all the soft-touch journalism from the MSM. All this softball is going to produce a curiosity among many voters that would slowly but surely erode The Obama’s reputation. That “image” won’t last long, and he’ll be the recipient of the biggest serving of crow in history.

  4. Did you see today’s NY Times editorial? The money quote:

    Obama has benefited from a week of good images. But substantively, optimism without reality isn’t eloquence. It’s just Disney.

    Venomous Kates last blog post..The Truth About Obama’s Afghanistan Visit

  5. The best line of all wasn’t even part of the OpEd. “Paul Krugman is off today.” And they put DAVID BROOKS. That’s awesome. The dextrosphere is apparently afire with the soldiers’ reports all over the place, about the truth of The Obama’s conduct in his foreign visits.

    Disney World View, and a candidate with big ears? Mickey Mouse comes to mind. Thanks so much for the link, Kate. I just a have a new nickname for him. 😀 Happy Friday.

  6. Sounds to me like someone should create a site with side-by-side pix of Obama and the cartoon characters he resembles.

    I don’t have the time. But, hey, if anyone cops my idea please give credit (or cash) where it’s due. 😉

  7. A friend sent this to me this morning on email. After I got it, I checked and they are saying this is email is actually false.

    However… I did blog about this one. This one is true.. so it still shows he doesn’t give a rats ass about our troops.

    Loris last blog post..Arizona Blogger Drink Fest

  8. Soldiers frighten some people. It’s not hard to imagine that Obama has never been that close to so many military people. Has he ever been to a base?

    Has he ever talked to any Soldier under the rank of Colonel?

    This man is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. He’s not worthy to lick a Soldier’s dusty combat boots.

    Donna B.s last blog post..McCain’s Editorial Is Good Enough For Me

  9. If it were true, it would be horrible. But this one is false – see The author of the email admits he got his facts wrong and has requested that no one forward the email and to remove any blog posts of the email. ( Somehow I don’t expect to see many bloggers posting retractions. Perhaps you’ll prove me wrong, Kate.

  10. Kate the liberal media wont let any thing bad about Obama get in the press,but when he gets in the White House(God forbid,and will it still be the “White” House)the liberal media wont be able to keep everything covered up but then we will be screwed anyway

  11. The letter about Obama from Cpt. Porter is completely inaccurate and was made-up to form an impression for his family. Sad and slanderous sums it up without any doubt. Follow this link to see the whole sitiuation explained and verified!

    Link deleted because Obama supporters apparently can’t freaking read. Otherwise they’d realize that: (1) I deleted the damn letter already; and (2) The link had already been listed in a previous comment. – VK

  12. How about this fact check. This pretty much sums it up:

    I feel bad for that soldier. Just goes to show, it doesn’t pay to lie. Now he and his wife will be known as those who brought dishonor to the uniform for partisan political gain.

    On a lighter note, can you imagine the look on CPT Porter’s face when the first person asked him what the hell he was talking about? LOL First, how do you know about my email, then the realization “OH MY GOD – Betsey used our real names…”

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